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Total Worker Health
Workplace Safety & Health at Sargent & Associates
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Today, evidence recognizes that both work-related factors and health factors beyond the workplace jointly contribute to many safety and health problems that confront today’s workers and their families.

Traditionally, workplace safety and health programs have been compartmentalized. Health protection programs have focused squarely on safety, reducing worker exposures to risk factors arising in the work environment itself. And most workplace health promotion programs have focused exclusively on lifestyle factors off-the-job that place workers at risk.

Sargent & Associates manages both safety and health & wellness...for TOTAL WORKER HEALTH.

A growing body of science supports the effectiveness of combining these efforts through workplace interventions that integrate health protection and health promotion programs. >

Return to Work
When should an injured worker return to the job?

Sargent & Associates practices early intervention to impact the medical management and safe return to work for individuals injured on the job. A case manager is assigned to a case within the first 12 hours of injury notification. Their focus is to work with the medical provider(s), employer, insurance carrier and other associated parties as an active team member in directing care and overseeing the claims management process while the employee is recovering.

Can you objectively measure a returning employee's abilities? Getting everyone back to business comes with an experienced team like Sargent & Associates. Helping an employee return to their job after a long absence can be stressful for all parties.  Are they ready? What special accommodations are needed? Get the right answers that benefits the employee and the employer.

Read more about Light Duty Work >

For more information, call 978-256-7459 or email Cynthia Causbie: cynthia@sargentandassociates.com

workers compensation claims
How to manage wc claims effectively
Does someone in your office spend countless hours (and a lot of money) managing worker's compensation injuries? In addition, it can affect your experience mod and ARAP rating resulting in an increase in your worker's compensation premium.

Sargent & Associates has a solution! Outsource the Workers' Compensation Process.

One phone call gives you access to an experienced Risk Manager who will be designated as your Workers' Compensation Specialist.

What is QLMP?
Qualified Loss Management Program

Lyme Disease
Are you safe at work?
Safe lifting practices to reduce injury
A QLMP provides telephonic/ field case management services by MA licensed RNs, litigation specialist management on old open cases as well as future cases when the injured worker does not returned to work, assistance with quarterly safety committee meetings, development of modified light duty return to work program, Preferred Medical Provider for work injury management, one-time safety awareness walk through by our Safety Consultant (to understand work environment and potential hazards).




The firm must establish a structured approach to safe work practices emphasizing management commitment and development of employee safety committee, must have in place action plans for post- injury response including relationship with medical providers and ongoing case management, must work with insured to establish a modified and light duty return to work program.

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CDC Lyme Disease Widget.
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Use available MMH equipment
Bend with your knees, not your back
Lift with your legs
Hold objects close to your body
Lift objects only chest high, stand on a stool if necessary
Lifts loads slowly
Get help when the load is heavy
Plan ahead to avoid sudden load shifts
Always be sure of your footing
Exercise/warm up
Stay in shape!

Don't bend over with your legs straight
Don't twist while lifting
Don't lift over shoulder height

Learn more about our Safety Programs >

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