Case Management

Sargent & Associates practices early intervention to impact the medical management and safe return to work for individuals injured on the job.

A case manager is assigned to a case within the 1st 12 hours of injury notification.  Their focus is to work with the medical provider, employer, insurance carrier and other associated parties as an active team member in directing care and overseeing the claims management process while the employee is recovering.  

The case manager's responsibility is to provide timely access to medical care, coordinate speciality resources when appropriate and work with the treating physician to obtain a work capacity to assist the employee back to work quickly and safely.  If the injured worker needs to return to work with restrictions, the case manager can work with the employer in identifying modified light duty positions. The case manager is an advocate for the injured worker during the recovery process and a communicator to the employer enhancing the employee/employer
working relationship.

The Benefits of Case Management

  • Provides employees with an advocate in the recovery process giving the feeling someone cares about their wellbeing and assisting them back to their pre-injury lifestyle.
  • Establishes a communicator for the "team" who will keep all parties abreast of the treatment plan and return to work capabilities.
  • Assures timely medical attention, keeps medical provider focused on goals and coordinates specialty referrals when appropriate.
  • Works with employers to return injured workers to work quickly and safely through modified work programs as needed.
  • Minimizes loss production in terms of incurred losses, lost productivity, substitute wages and company morale.

Telephonic Case Management

Sargent & Associates provides an extremely effective telephonic early intervention program developed to promote optimal medical treatment and early recovery. Our goal is to coordinate an expedient and safe return to work while decreasing medical, indemnity, disability, and litigation costs.