We have been using Sargent and Associates for almost 20 years as a Utilization Review Co. They are extremely attentive and always deliver determinations within the states mandated time frame. They have also been extremely helpful and insightful with working with our staff to educate them.
— JD Claims Manager
“I lost 9 pounds in the past month! I am so happy to report that I have purchased a comfortable pair of sneakers and attended my first Zumba class at the local YMCA. Tonight, I’m going to try “Gentle Yoga”. I have been keeping a daily food journal and keeping myself to 43 fat grams per day. This diabetes prevention course has been a real inspiration and I’ve been able to use the tools you taught me. You are wonderful. Thanks for being there and doing all you do. I really appreciate your encouragement. The work we have been doing has lead up to this and continues to help me.”
— Health Coaching Client
I hired Sargent and Associates to assist us with some complicated older workers compensation claims. Their knowledge and attention to detail made us realize that their services are an important aspect for our bottom line and overall employee benefit which has improved employee morale. We have now implemented a full service program with Sargent and Associates.
“Just got back from the doctors and wanted to let you know what happened. Everything is good my a1c is 6.6. Blood pressure was 120/74 and I had lost 8 pounds (218 on their scale) mine at home is a little lower but I will take this. If my a1c goes down to 6.4 or less I can start reducing my meds. Now that’s incentive. I just thought I would give you the good news.”
— Health Coaching Client
We have been referring clients to Sargent and Associates since the late 90’s. They provide anything from consultation services to our clients as well as become engaged to offer a full range of services from training and education to taking over the day to day functions of managing worker’s compensation claims and allowing clients to get back to their core business. We continue to look forward to a long relationship.
— J.A. President
We have been working with Sargent and Associates for over 15 years. As our organization has grown we have faced many challenges of hiring the right people for the job and then how to manage our staff in the event of an injury. Having Sargent and Associates work every aspect of our injured workers to look out for our injured employees as well as the organization has given us peace of mind. We consider Sargent and Associates part of our profit center.
— DC President
“Your support has been a great asset for me and it has helped me to stay accountable toward my health goals. I have been making some significant improvements, ranging from cutting out junk food, incorporating healthy snacks like baby carrots and trail mix throughout my workdays, eating more whole grain foods and now even eating more raw vegetables by eating salads more regularly, all the way to establishing a more consistent workout routine throughout the week, combining cardio and strength exercises. Your support definitely helped make all this happen and has allowed (and motivated) me to establish sustainable health habit routines.”
— Health Coaching Client