Hire Smart Program

Sargent & Associates conducts a telephonic Occupational Health Assessment of the applicant for which they are being considered.

It involves a nurse asking a detailed Occupational Health Questionnaire. We ask our employers to provide Sargent & Associates with a description of the physical nature of the work for which certain applicants will be required to undertake, so we have an understanding of the physical requirements of the job being presented to the applicant.

Why Hire Sargent & Associates?

At the pre-hire stage of a new hire, an employer CANNOT ASK QUESTIONS that:

  1. Are likely to elicit information about a disability
  2. Directly ask whether an applicant has a disability
  3. Ask closely related questions about a disability.

As a third party medical entity, Sargent and Associates is able to ask those questions and ensure that an applicant is in good health and able to do the job for which they are being considered.

  1. Sargent & Associates may ask about an applicant's ability to perform a specific job functions. For example, we may state the physical requirements of a job (such as the ability to lift a certain amount of weight, or the ability to climb ladders), and ask if an applicant can satisfy these requirements.
  2. Sargent & Associates may ask applicants to describe how they would perform job tasks.
  3. Once the candidate completes the telephonic questions given by the nurse HR will be asked to sign a receipt page that they have answered all the questions truthfully to be kept in their employment folder.
  4. Should an applicant not be cleared by the nurse she will review the applicant's answers with Sargent & Associates Medical Director for a determination.
  5. If an applicant is currently treating with a medical practitioner she will also reach out to that provider to obtain a final determination.
  6. If an applicant is cleared or not cleared, Sargent & Associates will provide the employer with a medical surveillance summary.
  7. Further evaluations may be needed necessitating delay.

What Can Supervisors Do?

  • Check previous employment record, are there gaps in history

  • Ask the perspective employee if he or she needs any accommodations

  • Describe the job being applied for in detail with the applicant

  • Provide them with a job description for their review

What Goes On Behind the Scenes

  • Applicant's medical form is reviewed.

  • If no issues then he/ she is hired

  • If the questionnaire demonstrates some physical capacity problems…

  1. A Registered Nurse reviews the questionnaire with Sargent & Associates Medical Director.

  2. Speaks to the candidates treating physician with the candidate's permission to qualify findings

  3. Have the treating physician review and sign off on the job description

  4. Further evaluations may be needed necessitating delay