Prevention & Safety Programs

Prevention can be the impetus for fewer injuries.  Proactive strategies focused on prevention will result in an enhanced bottom line, better productivity, heightened employee morale, and accountability.  Sargent & Associates provides various services to assist companies with strategies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.  A few services include:

* Development of a medical surveillance program (required through OSHA regulations)
* Assistance in development of workplace safety committees.
* Our participation in onsite Safety Committee meetings
* Review OSHA logs and trends in injuries and illnesses.
* Education and Training Programs

Sargent & Associates also has resources to conduct a Safety Analysis by one of our Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). Our analysis and report will consist of:

* Onsite Observation of your facility
* Interview with key employees and supervisors
* Review of existing safety plans and procedures
* Advice from Sargent & Associates on procedural changes
* Proposed recommended organizational goals and strategies for prevention and safety.